Preston Brook to Broken Cross, Northwich

Monday 13th September 2010

Weather – mixed, few showers.


The guys weren’t too happy about the mooring overnight cos it is very close to the M56

and so road noise was a bit of a pain, but needs must, we needed to be easy to find for Justins supplies. We also changed over boats from one community project to another including crew, we had supplied to swap and we faced the prospect of going through the Preston Brook Tunnel.

So an early start for Elysium with kayaks strapped to the roof to go through the Tunnel – first time experience for my kayakers but a smooth trip and then into the water with a meet arranged at the two tunnels at Barton. They were there for a while waiting for me as I git stuck behind the oldest, smokiest, tattiest boat on the system who just refused to let me by – must admit when I eventually did a few choice words popped out!

Still we got through these shorter tunnels and made a stop at Anderton where the boys were lucky to see the Historic Boat lift in operation – another first.

Target tonight is Rudheath, Broken Cross, Northwich for an appointment with a baker! Oh and a newspaperman!

Some really nice people, Sarah and Caroline, brought not only their boss Mrs Roberts from the massive bakery alongside the canal near here to help us with our food logistics for the kayakers and crew. They turned up with trays of fresh loaves, cakes and gingerbread men plus masses of sandwiches for everyone. A great help and many thanks – please all buy Roberts Bread in future!

The Broken Cross pub did a good trade for a Monday I would imagine!