Paper or electronic NABO News?

At its last meeting, NABO Council discussed the cost of printing and posting NABO News and a possible electronic version of the magazine. This would have a ‘page-flip’ feature so that it can be easily read on a computer or tablet screen. Opinions were divided between keeping the current printed format on the grounds that members wanted to have physical copies to read and share with colleagues, and those who felt that we should move towards an electronic version that was easy to read and distribute and would result in substantial cost savings. The Council decided to seek the views of members before discussing it again.

I would be grateful if you could email or write to me (details on inside front cover) to let me know what you think. The two options are:

  1. I would like to continue to receive printed issues of NABO News through the post;
  2. I would prefer to change and receive electronic issues, sent to me by email.

I’d be grateful if you could let me know before April 24th so that the Council can discuss the results at its next meeting. Thank you for your help.
Peter Fellows