NABO RoadShow – Byfleet Boat Club -Saturday 26th March

The NABO promoted Forum arrives at Byfleet Boat Club, in Surrey on Saturday 26th March commencing at 7pm. Based on the BBC "Question Time" format –


NABO are promoting a number of Forums across the country with the objective of providing a platform for boaters to discuss the future of the waterways given the major changes presently being discussed and in particular the New Waterways Charity and the serious need for volunteering.


At Byfleet the panel will consist of


Matt Carter, of the Environment Agency, Area Manager for the Western Thames navigation

Janet Richardson, Editor of the very successful publication "Towpath Talk",

David S Fletcher, Chairman Of NABO, boat owner and with a background in advising on the Boat Safety Scheme (BBS)

John Gibson, Navigation Manager for the National Trust.


Entrance to the Forum is free but space is limited – any questions about that should be put to the Clubs Commodore, Ian Smith who can be contacted on 07836 594898 or 01483 725848 …


The main topics to be explored will be the future of the Waterways, the potential move to full Charity or Trust Status by British Waterways and the challenges associated with this plus of course the strong requirement for volunteers to help run the new operation.


The possible impact for all navigations throughout England to come under the New Charity which has been deferred in the case of the Thames by the governed will no doubt be a topic to be aired too!



07836 594898 or 01483 725848