NABO needs YOUR input on mooring enforcement issues

Towards the end of May we are attending a meeting with CRT and other boating associations to discuss issues around overstaying and current enforcement practices. This message is about understanding the scale of the problem and discussing ideas for improving the process.

We would like to get a feeling for our members views and would be grateful if you could spend a couple of minutes commenting on the following :

1. Do you feel there is a problem with overstaying in your area? If yes, is this on visitor moorings, general towpath, or both?

2. Can you give us an example of overstaying in your area, location, duration etc?

3. Do you feel there are sufficient CRT patrol officers physically on the ground?

4. Have you seen CRT enforcement staff (not volunteer data loggers)recently in your area and, if so, how frequently?

5. Do you know how to contact the enforcement team?

6. Given CRTs limited resources which statement/s best matches your views

    6a  CRT should focus enforcement on boats that don't move rather those that don't move far enough

    6b CRT should employ more staff and ensure there are staff on the ground talking to boaters.

    6c CRT should physically move boats that don't move or overstay on visitor moorings on the basis that they are causing an obstruction.

    6d CRT should show more flexibility and consider more schemes like the pilot scheme on the Kennet and Avon canal.

7. Is there anything else you can suggest that you would like us to consider?

Please forward your comments to

Thank you

Mark Tizard