Bulletin September 2013

Dear Members

As promised in the July NABO News, here is the first of the NABO Bulletins. This is not intended to complete with NABO News, but rather to tell members what Association Officers are doing for you, and what you can do for the Association.

Past representation events


Council members  in June with Sally Ash and Damian Kemp to discuss moorings and related matters following announcement of the SE visitor mooring changes. It is hoped that these can be regular meetings.

Legal representative Geoffrey Rogerson, Mark Tizard and Mike Rodd met with NABO solicitor at Shakespeares in Birmingham to review legal issues surrounding CRT mooring proposals. A report is in preparation.

Mike Rodd attended the CRT Annual meeting, at National Waterways Museum, Elesmere Port in July. His report in on the NABO web site.

Moorings and London representative Simon Robbins provide written evidence to the GLA enquiry into waterway moorings. This was summarised in the July NN. Simon subsequently gave evidence as a panel member to an open meeting. A webcast of the meeting is now available here:http://www.london.gov.uk/who-runs-london/the-london-assembly/webcasts

A formal report is being compiled and we expect to be party to the draft of that before final publication. You can view here:http://www.london.gov.uk/mayor-assembly/london-assembly/investigations/moorings-on-londons-waterways
CRT are also holding further meetings in September with members of the ‘Better Relationships on London Waterways’ Group which Simon also attends. If any members visited London this year I/he would really welcome an email or call to hear your impressions and experience, particularly about how you found moorings and facilities.

David Fletcher met with Paul Griffin, Enforcement officer


Thames regional representative Louis Jankel attended the  Thames Navigation Users Forum (TNUF) in June

David Fletcher attended the EA National Navigation User Forum in July. The main issues were the decision by the Waterways Minister to defer the merge of EA navigation and CRT, and the proposed registration increase for 2014. Reports will be in the next NN


David Fletcher and BSS, MCA and Technical Representative Trevor Rogers attended the BSS Advisory committee in June.

Mike Rodd attended the first sub-group meeting in June of the BSS Technical Committee for the Navigation Authority Hirer Safety Review. (The Hire boat code)The Sub-group is engaged in revising the

BSS requirements for Hire Boats.  Review of documentation continues by email.

Future representation events


Mark Tizard and Mike Rodd will meet with Sally Ash and Denise Yelland in September (Head of enforcement) to continue the dialog on mooring issues.

Yorks and Humber regional representative Howard Anguish will attend the Yorkshire and Humber marine aggregates deliverability study focus group on 9th September

Mike Rodd will be representing NABO at the CRT National Users’ Forum on 12th September in Birmingham.

David Fletcher will attend the CRT Navigation Advisory Group (Operations) meeting on 17th September.


Nothing noted


David Fletcher and Mike Rodd will attend a 2-day working meeting in October of the Hire boat code sub group. It is expected that there will be general consultations with all interested parties on the proposals.

Internal NABO issues

The next Council meeting is on Saturday 7 September at the Waggon and Horses, Olbury, West Midlands. Members are encouraged to attend, but please contact the General Secretary Richard first.

The next NABO news will be published at the end of September. Final copy date is 14 September. Please do send in items to the Editor Peter

We are now approaching the AGM in November and thoughts are for plans for next year. As always, we need your support to continue the work, and that means new faces please to take the load. The best way is to come to Council and see the work in hand, and find what you can do. Please don’t be shy. There are jobs for many skills around the table.

Importantly we need to build a new team to handle the membership administration. Melanie has now given us notice that she wants to do other things from next year, and we need to find a team for a smooth handover. Is that you?

There are consultations running on HS2, the Thames Tunnel and other major projects. NABO is unlikely to run a campaign on these issues, but we need to keep abreast of the issues, and have a view. Is this your expertise?

Please get in touch with any Association officer. And if you have volunteered in the past, and we have ignored you, sorry, but do come back again.  We cannot continue without fresh energy and ideas.