More relaxation in the use of Standedge?

Following the efforts of NABO members Keith Noble and Peter Killan and others, David Baldacchino, BW Manager for the Manchester and Pennine waterway said at a User Group Meeting

that he planned to set up a consultative group as soon as possible to look at a relaxation in the way passage is organised through the Standedge Tunnel. 

Keith who also represents the Huddersfield Canal Society said,  "It was agreed that the self-steering regime introduced in 2009 had been an improvement on the previous arrangements but that the remaining constraints still inhibited many boaters from venturing on to the Narrow Canal. This appeared to be as true for hirers as for boat owners."

With all the efforts by many organisations to ensure passage onto the Huddersfield over the years we want to see more use made of it in a sensible, responsible way.This initiative by David is very welcome, but let’s see?