Ministerial Statement on the transfer of EA navigations

The Waterways Minister Richard Benyon has today made a written statement on the issue of transfer of the EA waters to CRT. He said that the Government has (therefore) decided that the Review planned for 2013/14 to consider options for the transfer will be postponed until Defra’s finances improve and there is a realistic prospect of the transfer being affordable and that it can take place on terms which would enable CRT’s Trustees to manage the additional liabilities involved.

The full statement can be read here:

CRT and EA have made similar statements.

NABO Chairman David said "I welcome this conclusion. CRT have a tough task for the coming years, and it is good to let them get on with it without the complications of additional risk and integration of operations. It is clear that there is no over riding case of cost savings, and no appetite for government to pay CRT to take on new liabilities. The deal may have its merits, but not just now."