Gutless raise over £20,000!

Justin Hansen wrote to NABO Council thanking everyone for the help given with his Challenge in the Autumn.


"I cant thank everyone enough who helped to provide publicity and assistance and in particular NABO and of course Richard Carpenter who provided boat and logistics", he said.


The Challenge not only raised over the target of £20,000 but more important gave a much needed boost to the St Marks Hospital Foundation in Harrow, Middlesex which has to work so hard to help people overcoming the most serious forms of Intestinal Disease to start believing they can have a rewarding life despite its limitations.


Richard said " I met so many people on the trip and my return north that has helped me in my work with NABO by being able to express the views of Boat Owners in the forthcoming consultations on the future of the waterways." He added" At the same time I was able to provide help to a man who has inspired so many with his attitude of never being beaten!"