BSS reminder on gas safety

The Boat safety Scheme have issued a reminder on gas safety.

‘Let there be no repeat, boaters must respect their gas appliances’; says the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS).

Gas Safety Week 2014 will be 15-21 September and we should remember last winter’s twin fatalities from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning on a small commercial fishing boat in Whitby harbour.

Graham Watts, BSS manager, offers these tips to keep boaters safe when using gas appliances:
1. Have all gas appliances and systems installed competently
2. Have gas appliances checked and serviced routinely
3. Use the equipment correctly
4. Never block the ventilators, without a good oxygen supply CO can be produced
5. Deal with any equipment problems immediately
6. Don't allow bodged repairs and maintenance
7. Install a CO alarm certified to BS EN 50291-2
8. Test the alarm routinely
9. Never remove the batteries
10. Know the signs of CO poisoning and how to react.
Full details of the BSS statement can be read here
The report on the fishing boat accident can be read here