Editorial, NABO News, Issue 2, March 2013


Thank you to everyone who wrote to NABO News following our appeal for support in the last issue. I have included a selection of representative letters from members. Welcome to Mike Rodd and Mark Tizard as new Council members and welcome back to ‘Fly on the Wall’ after a long absence – its informal look at what happens in Council meetings is in response to a specific request by a member. We are not out of the woods yet though. Council still needs help from people who have administrative or web skills. This issue focuses more than usual on NABO business: there is an article by our Treasurer, Stephen Peters, on the reasoning behind an increase in your subs and a plea from the Webmaster to register your correct contact details on the website to reduce our admin costs. NABO has also issued a press release concerning CRT’s proposals on mooring restrictions, which is something that should concern all boaters. David Fletcher reports on the first meeting of a Parliamentary Group looking at how CRT’s Waterways Partnerships are developing and there are boating articles on changes to the Boat Safety Scheme and the dangers of carbon monoxide. Gary Sutcliffe of Lee Sanitation also gives the lowdown on selecting a new toilet for your boat. As Editor, I would welcome some more photos that could be used on the cover of the newsletter (remember the year’s free subscription if they are used) and the occasional boating article along the lines of recent reports of boating on the Caledonian and Droitwich canals – preferably not just a trip report, but something (maybe a bit unusual) that would interest the majority of readers. It’s time now for many of us to dewinterise and get boating again.