Death of Trevor Rogers

We are very sorry to report that after a long period of illness, Trevor (known to his close friends as “Trig”) passed away peacefully on Wednesday 4th October 2017, aged 65 years. Trevor was an active member of NABO since 1998. Trevor’s gift to NABO was a fine mind.

He may at sometimes have seemed pedantic but actually he was always questioning and querying until he was quite satisfied, when with a small chuckle he would say “I see”. He was an amiable and essay going member of NABO Council and his contribution was more of a critical nature than initiating ideas. His other strength was being a member of committees and working parties for the Boat Safety Scheme where both his technical and procedural knowledge was invaluable. This also reflected very well on NABO as a boating organisation. He also served as a UK representative on many ISO Standards committees and working groups. He had been on NABO Council for a long period and had to leave due to his illness and extended treatment. However he very bravely came back onto Council for a short period before he had to give it up permanently.

A Professional Engineer, he had worked at AWRE Aldermaston with a special interest in standards and safety. He was a passionate boat owner, and for many years kept his narrowboat, Ranger, at Ham Marina, in Newbury. For the latter part of his life, he lived an apartment overlooking the canal next to Greenham Island.

Needless to say he will be missed not only for his input but as a popular member of Council.

Geoffrey Rogerson & Mike Rodd