CRT wants input on Pawl Catch Design

CRT is meeting with boaters to discuss new designs for pawl catches and to understand boaters’ thoughts. This is a national project to make locks safer for boaters.

The project will involve replacing damaged spindles and making changes to ensure all the charity’s locks have working pawl catches, which prevent the windlass from slipping out of control when the boater is using the lock. 

The waterways teams will be running trials of modified pawl catches at different locations across the country and will be keen to hear boaters’ feedback. Please contact the project manager at any comments or suggestions.

Ian Rogers, head of customer services at the Trust, said:  “The locks are part of our industrial heritage and are still used by boaters every day, and we have to make sure that these historic structures meet modern safety standards as far as possible.  Everyone has heard stories of someone getting a nasty knock when a windlass has flown out of control or, if they’re unlucky, had it happen to them.  Pawl catches play an important part in keeping locks safe and stopping this happening.  We want boaters to be involved in this project and are keen to hear their thoughts, suggestions and concerns so we can take them into account.”

Fran Read

National Press Officer