CRT Report on Directly Managed Moorings Sales Consultation

CRT has published its report on the above consultation, which received 72 written responses including NABO’s. The responses have been used to revise and amend the proposals where CRT felt this was justified.

Key CRT decisions are:

“* We will apply our best judgment drawing on recent experience of the site and local market in deciding whether a mooring vacancy should be publicised at a fixed price (“buy-it-now”) or whether we make use of the auction system.

* The use of auctions to sell a vacant mooring will be retained for when we know there is reasonable demand. We will work through evaluation criteria in more detail with boaters and stakeholder representatives over the coming months.

* As part of our pricing strategy we will consider introducing long term loyalty discounts.

* On pricing for existing customers, we will continue to use market principles so that the price paid aligns with local market rates at the specific point in time.

* We will make prospective buyers more aware of the ‘grade’ of mooring available, whether it is a basic, standard or premium berth.

* We will prepare a site standard and maintenance specifications document for all mooring sites which will be made available both to existing and prospective customers.

* We will look at removing the notice period for existing Trust customers who have secured another Trust-managed mooring on our network.

* We will consider further whether or not to allow sale of a craft on a mooring with the Trust taking a percentage of the selling price.

* We will seek to integrate registered users of our moorings website with the ‘My Trust’ registration facility on

* We will consider further the ability to promote vacant moorings offered by third parties.”

The full report can be seen at: