CRT annouce details for Winter Moorings

CRT have annouced details for Winter Mooring permits for 2013-14. They are trialling new options following suggestions from boaters.

The Trust have said that they are offering a limited number of winter moorings at selected visitor mooring sites.  In addition, there are two further options for continuous cruisers.  The Trust is offering a cheaper general towpath mooring permit, which will allow boaters the flexibility of mooring anywhere on the towpath for a month or more, with the exception of visitor moorings and a few other local sites.  Additionally, in London, four central mooring sites have been developed which the Trust hopes will work better for boaters in the region.

 Continuous cruisers will be able to book five month winter mooring permits from 3pm on Thursday 3 October.  Three month and one month permits will go live on 15 October and 1 November respectively.  Other boaters will be able to secure winter moorings at selected visitor sites from 1 November.  Winter mooring permits will be available for periods of five months, three months or one month, starting on the first day of the month.  The number of visitor moorings sites used as winter moorings is fewer than in previous years, as the Trust has focused on the most popular sites and reduced the number of less well-used sites. 

From 3 October, winter mooring permits will be available from:

For more information, including prices, please visit:

Sally Ash, Head of Boating Business at Canal & River Trust, said:  “Every year hundreds of boaters decide they want to settle in one place as the weather turns harsher or because it’s harder to get around because of stoppages.  As a result, we’re making it easier for boaters without a home mooring to comply with the terms of their licence at this time of the year. 

“The changes have come out of conversations we’ve had with boaters about what we can do to make things better.  I hope that we’ve come up with options that offer something for everyone, including making sure there’s a place to tie up for those who do want to continue cruising.  The changes we’ve made this year are fairly major, and we’re treating it as a trial.  I know there may be teething problems so we’ll be asking all boaters who take up a permit for their thoughts and feedback next April.”


NABO Chair David Fletcher commented “I welcome the flexibility that these plans show compared with the original proposals. In addition to the cheaper towpath moorings, there will now also be some availability on some visitor moorings for those that need to be closer to facilities and a firmer towpath.”

Members have pointed out there are still some anomalies. For example under the towpath winter moorings boaters can not stay closer than 1 km to a marina entrance. This would make complying in some areas like Braunston and Crick very difficult whereas this would not be he case for the boater who elected not to take the mooring and continuously cruise.

NABO is pleased that CRT has shown some flexibility beyond the original proposals.

Full commentary including the legal implications can be expected in the next NABO News.