Clesse Novacomet Regulator Recall Alert

The Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) is supporting Clesse Industries to make boaters aware of the
immediate product recall on its Novacomet branded BP1803 LPG regulators manufactured between
June 2010 and September 2015.

Following extensive field sampling and testing, Clesse Industries has taken the decision to implement
a recall on its regulator product family BP1803 because of concerns about the potential of regulator
failure in certain operational and environmental conditions.
Used with propane and butane LPG cylinders, the recall involves all directly cylinder mounted, wall
mounted single cylinder and two cylinder manual changeover versions manufactured between June
2010 and September 2015.
BSS manager, Graham Watts, said;
“Please treat this recall seriously and make the checks. Clesse has provided support for anyone
concerned with a dedicated website and a toll‐free recall helpline:
0800 088 5545.
If you have any worries or concerns about identifying the regulator on your boat, visit that website
or contact the Clesse helpline and get advice from the manufacturer.
If you suspect that the regulator you’ve checked is one of the products in the recall, and it falls
within the specified dates, Clesse Industries asks that you register the details.
Following registration Clesse Industries will check the identification, and if confirmed as a recalled
product, Clesse states that it will process and supply replacement BP1803 regulators free of charge,
as well as contribute to the cost of the product exchange that falls within this recall.”

Graham Watts added:
‘If you do need a replacement, when it arrives, have a suitably qualified registered gas engineer carry
out the work, fit the new regulator and check the gas system is operating safely, in order to avoid
any risks to either you or your boat’s gas installation,
The BSS advice in general and not withstanding this product recall is that, if the pressure in the
system is so great that the flames on you boat’s hob or cooker burners flare, or indeed if the
pressure is so low that the burners and the pilot lights on fridges, or water heaters are not lighting,
don’t ignore these signs. Have a suitably qualified registered gas engineer check over the equipment
without delay.

Also keep a note of your regulators age, BSS recommends replacement if it is over 10 years old
whatever the make or model.”
See :‐examination/boats‐with‐gas/

for more gas related information.