Chairman’s column, NABO News, Issue 2, March 2013

NABO News, Issue 2, March 2013


Chairman’s column


Last month, I gave a serious message about the future of the Association. I would like to thank all the members who took the time to write and express their views. These were (almost) universally supportive of the work we do and the need to raise subscriptions. It is common sense that we cannot continue to operate unless the basic fees cover the core costs, so an increase is inevitable. Our Hon. Treasurer reports elsewhere in this issue on what the Council has now agreed. We now need your help to follow this through with your correct details and paperwork when your renewal is due. Please do not neglect to do this: chasing up wrong payments costs the Association in administration time and money, which is avoidable if we all do our bit.

I am delighted to say that two additional members joined Council at the February meeting. I welcome Mark Tizard and Mike Rodd. They are introduced in the coming pages. They bring new energy, ideas and leadership to the table and they are already contributing, with Vice Chair Jane Taylor, to rebrand our membership offering for 2013 and the years to come. Much of what we achieve goes unseen by the waterways community, even our own membership, because it goes on behind the scenes. It is often not about winning or losing but about maintaining a long-term relationship with navigation authorities and refreshing our knowledge of what is going on. It is from this strength that we can campaign and respond to individual events or wider consultations. We have not been that good at selling ourselves, and we have to make changes to address that. NABO enjoys its independence, free from dogma, history and the Charities Commission, an open national agenda applicable to a broad spectrum of boaters. What is not to like? So welcome again to Mark and Mike, but don’t think that the rest of our membership can now sit back and relax; Council is still under strength and we need more help. It is your Association, not mine.

Sustainable membership of course is at the core of all this. Some have written and explained that they are unable to directly help and I accept of course that many of us cannot take an active role. The one thing every member can do for us is find a new member during this year. Member to member recruitment is the most cost effective way to get new members. If every member recruited just one new member who stays with us, we would be in a stable position and able to move on with a solid base. You know there is a need for an independent national organisation. Please tell others too. 

CRT has just started a quickie formal consultation on moorings in the South East area. This will run during February and by the time you read this, it will be near closing or already closed on the 1st March. We have provided information and the NABO view on our website and tried to contact members in the SE area to get their views. If you have missed this date and you have good local information, send it anyway or let a Council member know. All boaters should read the consultation because sooner or later one like it will come to a mooring near you. These proposals will affect all boaters whichever way you use your boat. We neglect these consultations at our peril! Watch the website for updates. NABO will make a response, but please send us your personal and detailed views.

I got an enforcement notice put on my boat in January in the marina. I had seen a couple of officers on the pontoon as I walked down to the boat. A quick glance at the red notice in its little bag showed the offence was not to display a valid licence. Interesting as the notice was stuck on the window right next to the licence, which is valid to mid 2013. Hmmm. I went to find the officer and brought him back to see it. ‘Why have I got this?’ I asked. He pulled it off the boat and looked closer. It was written correctly, but it had been stuck on the wrong boat! Profuse apologies followed. What is a boater to do?

We heard during the month that Robin Evans is to step down as CRT Chief Executive this year. I am not surprised. The last few years, with the launch of CRT, have been a major journey and it would be very difficult to return to the routines of normal life. Setting up is one thing, but consolidation and growing is another. The Trustees have a serious task on their hands to select the replacement and this will be just as important as any decision they have made to date. I wish them success as the CE puts a personal stamp on any organisation. No doubt they will get plenty of advice from the towpath.