Canal & River Trust Framework

Click here to view the CRT's Transition Trustees Update from September 2011 in a new window or tab.

It includes the following informative Appendicies:

  • A Name and Symbol
  • B Representation and Recruitment to Council
  • C Recruitment of Chairs and Members to Waterway & Museum Partnerships
  • D Waterway Partnerships
  • D(i) Terms of Reference
  • D(ii) Role of Chair
  • D(iii) Role of Member
  • E All Wales Partnership
  • E(i) Terms of Reference
  • E(ii) Role of Chair
  • E(iii) Role of Member
  • F Museums Partnership – Terms of Reference
  • G Transition Appointments Committee – Terms of Reference

Note that this a pdf document and you will need Adobe Reader or similar loaded on your computer to read it.