Bulletin November 2013

This is the fourth NABO Bulletin. This is a reminder about the AGM in two weeks time.
The AGM will take place on Saturday 16th November 2013 at Wolverhampton Boat Club, Pendeford Lane, Wolverhampton, WV10 0PG on the southern end of the Shropshire Union.
Usual business will start at 10.45 - tea and coffee available from 10.15. We will finish between 15.00 and 16.00.


After formalities of the AGM we generally enjoy open discussion on Association and Boating issues in general. Members and non members are welcome to join us - as well as those who are thinking of joining us. There is no charge (although we do ask for a donation of what you can afford to pay for the buffet). Just let us know if you plan to come.
Guest speaker
Following a buffet lunch our guest speaker will be Adam Comerford, Group Hydrology Manager at the CRT who will provide an illustrated talk about his role, the problems he faces and the solutions at his disposal. (It is very interesting and informative - we know because we have heard Adam already!).
He will discuss the background to the development of a new water resources strategy for the waterway network. This will define an overarching vision for how CRT will manage water resources across the Trusts network through to 2050, addressing future pressures on water supply and demand, thus supporting the wider charitable objects of the Trust and, in particular, meeting agreed "levels of service".
This will be a working session as this the first real opportunity, since becoming a Trust, for CRT to seek the views of boaters and other canal users to support and inform their work (and potential investment) over the coming years.  So, following a scene-setting presentation, Adam and his colleagues will be asking attendees for their views on canal restrictions and closures, looking at willingness to pay for canal water resource reliability and how they think future pressures (especially boating patterns) will impact on the water supply/demand balance through to 2050. CRT has already done much background thinking and so the AGM provides a chance them to test out some of the ideas/proposals, which may find their way into the
formal consultation on the new water resources strategy (due to be launched at the very start of 2014).
Also there is the chance to meet face to face with the new CEO of CRT, Richard Parry in a small informal venue.
Reflections on AGMs
Our AGMS are always a problem for us as members sometimes take the view "boring" procedures - a necessary evil! Asking a national group of people to descend in one place with that prospect is of course a big ask however we try really hard to make it very worthwhile. Members who have attended have always complimented us on making the trip one of value. Of course you run the risk of getting involved because you like it! 
This year is no exception – we promise that we will get the AGM formalities over with quickly so that we can spend a good time discussing our place within Inland Boating, Rivers and Canals. Each year we have had good time to seek out opinions from those members who attend about our work, our strategy and what is expected of us for the future. The only other way we can normally do this is via NABO News and our website. Feedback is good in that there is general approval for both but of course face to face opportunity to meet and engage makes such a difference.
So try and come, persuade others to as well - share a car perhaps. We know you will not be disappointed to be with like minded people, talk boating and on this occasion with key CRT representatives as well as seeing that those on Council are real people too!
If you can let us know if you do plan to come it will help us with organising the room - it's a great venue and Wolverhampton Boat Club have a good bar too!
See you there
Webmaster for NABO Council