BSS hire boat consultation ends

A public consultation on proposed changes to the Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) requirements for hire boats has ended, the comments have been reviewed and the implementation date is set for April 2017

The BSS has issued a media release announcing that the proposed BSS hire boat requirements changes and will be implemented as set out in the consultation, with the main exception being the decision to implement the revised BSS hire boat requirements from April 2017, twelve months later than proposed in the consultation.

More information including the full response to the comments made during the consultation can be seen on this link

Click here to see the details

BSS will be publishing the new and amended checks in detail in April 2016 on its website and that hire operators are urged to adopt the new requirements as soon as practicable in the time leading up to the implementation date.

NABO representatives have been part of the group working on these important changes. Remember they are for hire craft and NOT for private boats.