Boater energy grant latest

This week we have seen a response from the gov. dept. It is the same  generic letter as everyone else, basically saying hard luck, if you are down as having a ‘home mooring’ you won’t get the money. We will follow up again.
The MP for Devizes, Danny Kruger is still trying to find a way forward and BBC Wiltshire has done a further news item but nothing as yet. The principle was that it was for all households. It really is galling to read all the comments on social media from boaters who have now received their not inconsiderable grant of £600.
Many thousands with the same outgoings still haven’t received a penny.
Here’s a copy of the email, chocolate teapot springs to mind:

The Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding for continuous cruisers (EBSS AF CC) is providing a £600 support voucher to itinerant boat dwellers who are registered as continuous cruisers and held a Canal and River Trust long-term leisure licence (6 or 12 month), for a minimum of one day, while the Energy Bills Support Alternative Funding scheme was open (27 February 2023 to 31 May 2023). To note, this licence does not include those who hold a ‘home mooring.’

The Department has used an individual’s registration as being a continuous cruiser as a proxy which provides a reasonable level of certainty that the individual lives permanently on their boat. This is because of the requirement to move their boat every 14 days, which would be difficult if they lived permanently elsewhere. The Department has taken mitigating actions to limit the risk that a voucher is sent to an individual who has already received support through the Energy Bills Support Scheme, Energy Bills Support Scheme Alternative Funding and/or the Alternative Fuel Payment Alternative Fund. 

Unfortunately, there is no robust method for the Department to establish if an individual who is registered with the Canal & River Trust as having ‘home mooring’, which is non-residential, lives on their boat permanently. Due to the high number of individuals who are registered as having a ‘home mooring’, use their boat for recreational purposes, and have a permanent address elsewhere, we would not be able to ensure this support is provided to households who are not eligible. This would open the risk of public funds not being safeguarded, and duplicate support potentially being provided to many households.

As such, individuals who are registered with the Canal & River Trust as having a ‘home mooring’ as part of their long-term licence are unable to access this support. We appreciate that this is not the response you would be hoping to receive. However, we recommend these households visit the ‘Help for Households’ webpage on GOV.UK to view what other support they may be eligible to receive –