Access to CRT maps

It is possible to access CRTs maps on mobile devices. These maps contain their information on assets and also show how towpath mowing should take place.

To see these, you will need an application called Explorer for ArcGIS. This is on both IOS and Android. Instructions are here:

CRT set the mowing plans by “regimes”. There are four, colour coded blue, brown. red and yellow.

In brief these are

Blue. MR1a heavily used. Cut from water’s edge to hedge / wall or break of slope every 4 weeks

Brown MR2a frequently used cut from water’s edge to beyond the towpath (0.5m) every 4 weeks

Red MR2b cut either side of the (defined) towpath (0.5m) leaving a waterside fringe every 4 weeks. 10% cut to edge, locations not specified on maps.

Yellow MR3a cut towpath 1.6m leaving a waterside fringe every 4 weeks. Not all cut to edge.

CRT have promised to provide this information on the web site too, but this is not in place at the time of writing.