All NABO Members Urged To Complete EA Registration Consultation

The Environment Agency are consulting on their proposals relating to Boat registration. Charges are to apply from 1st January 2022. The web site link is:

The proposals apply to all navigable waterways managed by the Environment Agency i.e. principally the non-tidal Thames, Anglian Waterways and the Medway.

The proposals are wide ranging and, whilst providing for increased registration charges for 2022 to 2024, and also seek to make many changes to the current charging regimes regarding classes of craft, measurement of craft, registration periods, payment methods, and many other aspects of craft registration.

The Thames Recreational Powered Boating Organisations, which includes NABO, have many concerns about the proposals and have responded directly on behalf of their members.

However, to demonstrate our members concerns,  the Boating Organisations are urging all their members to respond individually. Please refer to the briefing note here.

NABO also has suggested appropriate responses to the consultation here.

The consultation closes on 16 September 2021

Mike Rodd