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NABO policies document

NABO Council last reviewed the NABO policy document in 2019. It is updated from time to time to keep it relevant for the current boater issues. For long term members there will be no surprises, as the content reflects what NABO has  been saying for many years. For those new to NABO, or thinking about joining, it tells a little of what the Association stands for. NABO welcomes healthy debate on these issues. Most of the items are supported by articles in editions of NABO News, which can be found elsewhere on this web site.

The full document can be read  or downloaded as a pdf here.

Update of NABO policies

NABO Policies
NABO Council develops policies from time to time and these form the basis of our consultation with
navigation authorities and other user groups. These are reviewed in consultation with the membership
and are therefore the nearest we can get to a consensus of opinion within our Association.

NABO subscriptions to increase

The basic NABO an­nual subscription rate will increase by £10 mak­ing the full membership rate £25 per annum. The rates for the other class­es of membership will also increase accordingly and in these uncertain times, we have decided to abolish life membership.


All members are reminded that nominations are due for the next Council and we really need some extra help this year as well as "new blood" as the Chairman has called it.


Nomination forms are in each copy of NABO News which everyone should have had throgh the post - however should you not wish to use that form you can open and print it from the on line edition - just use the normal links.


Nominations should be with me by 14th October - and all will be posted on the site following this - together with any special requests for resolutions for the AGM. Please let me know if you have any?


Richard Carpenter

General Secretary

NABO AGM and Council nominations

Now is the time for you to join the dedicated souls that make up NABO Council and stand for election for 2012–2013, so you can have even more say in what we do. The AGM is to be held on Saturday 17 November 2012.