A time of change

A time of change – from navigation authorities to electric boating, Mike Rodd sees a busy year ahead for NABO. Well, at least we did have some time, pre-Christmas, to get out on our boats before the next full lockdown took over. Ours being down in South Wales means that we are continually caught by […]

Back on board, but…..

Chair, Mike Rodd is enjoying cruising again, despite the lack of maintenance and e-scooters. Boating at last! For many of us, it was a great joy to be able to get back boating again and for me also to resume being a Boatmaster for the K&A Canal Trust’s trip-boat, the ‘Rose of Hungerford’. Given that […]

Hard times ahead?

Chair, Mike Rodd is concerned by what he sees in his crystal ball. In these strange times that we’re living in, our thoughts and prayers are with those tragically affected by Covid-19 and we feel for those who have lost a family member, friend or colleague, or whose livelihood or mental health has been seriously […]

Mindful of the needs of others

Mike Rodd considers some effects of the pandemic. Like many of our members in self-isolation at home and unable to travel to our boats, it has really come home to us how much the canals and rivers are an essential part of our lives. It also reminds us how precious these waterways are, and how […]

The need for representation

Mike Rodd compares the attitudes of two navigation authorities. Although being on a boat is a good place to self-isolate, if you are not a liveaboard, going to your boat is no longer an option. If you are already on board, CRT and the EA are asking boaters to stop all travel on the waterways, […]

Challenges in the year ahead

Challenges in the year ahead Mike Rodd considers NABO’s priorities and the way forward. Coming back into the NABO chair at this time in the history of our waterways is far more formidable that it might seem – the challenges that face us are by no means simple. The next few years will be critical […]

Council Report for the AGM

Mark Tizard and Mike Rodd prepared a review of 2019. Thank you for coming. Stella Ridgway, our Chair, unfortunately can’t be with us as she continues to recover from her kidney transplant. Stella is standing down from our Council and, on behalf of NABO, we would like to thank her for her service. She will […]

Keep your chinook up

Chair, Stella Ridgway, has had an eventful time in the High Peak. Since my last missive, it all started with rain; lots and lots of rain. On July 29th, we noticed a video on Facebook of Toddbrook reservoir overtopping – hardly surprising considering the amount of rain we’d experienced. The canal was so full that […]

The motorway in your head

The motorway in your head Stella Ridgway urges boaters to slow down and enjoy the view The Marple Flight reopened at the end of May, so we have been treated to a great deal more traffic as boaters cross Bugsworth Basin off their tick-list of places to go. We have noticed the speed and lack […]