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Yorkshire & North East

Howard reports from the North East

I took part in a Zoom forum in January, which is the first that the Y&NE have held. It was well attended with 42 participants, including a number of CRT managers. These managers were a mix of local and national, and included: Sean McGinley, Regional Director Yorks and North East; Jon Horsfall, Head of Customer Services Support; Mathew Symonds, National Boating Manager, Leisure Boating; and a number of local Y&NE managers.

In the past, I have attended many such meetings and last night’s was probably the best attended for a number of years. In my opinion it was a success. It followed the usual pattern of individual presentations, mainly concerning local issues, with a sprinkling of national subjects as well. The Zoom format allowed questions to be debated throughout the meeting using the chat facility and in that regard it was, if anything, more productive than the traditional meetings. I think the relative success of the meeting may well lead to more Zoom meetings throughout the year, which may allow for local issues to be addressed more quickly. Time will tell.

East Midlands report

Not a great deal to report, as all our movements are currently restricted to only the strictly necessary by the Covid regulations. But in line with Government's instructions on daily exercise and CRT's desire that that exercise should take place on the towpaths, they certainly appear to be very busy with runners and cyclists, as well as the usual walkers, at least in my Nottingham area of the canal. In this lockdown, there does appear to be a little more tolerance between local canal moorers and the general public, but it is a pity that the signs CRT has put up, reminding people to keep their distance from moored boats, aren't larger and more frequently placed. The same could also be said of the signs reminding cyclists of their duty to slow down.