NABO meets CRT to discuss legal issues

Notes from meeting between CRT and NABO held on 14th Jan 2014

Present: Richard Parry (RP), Jackie Lewis (JL), Mike Rodd (MGR), Mark Tizard (MT), Geoffrey Rogerson (GR).

The thrust of the meeting revolved around the NABO legal review which has been prepared and was due to be sent to members with the December issue of NABO News. This was held back in view of this present meeting.

MGR emphasised at the outset NABO’s desire to assist CRT in finding solutions to existing problems. He expressed NABO’s deep concern that certain of CRT /BW statements and policy documents were, in the view of NABO’s legal advisors, either illegal or illegitimate, and either without statutory power or exceeding statutory power.  In particular, NABO’s view is that section 43 of the Transport Act 1962 does not enable CRT to impose licence terms and conditions which go further than what is set out in section 17 of the British Waterways Act 1995.