Listening to boat owners, Speaking out for boat owners, Representing boat owners.


Vice Chair writes for TT

Vice Chair mark has been writing a monthly column in 2018 for Towpath Talk. The item appears normally on the inside of the back page of the paper typically if 5-600 words. He has been responsible for the subject matter and keeps it topical focussing on the views of boaters he has met and NABO members. He aims to be constructive and thought provoking. Sometimes it is necessary to be critical of CRTs actions but where possible, alternative policy options are suggested . Topics often reflect those that appear in NABO’s Facebook page and other boating related social media. Areas covered over the year have been broad ranging from , dredging, visitor moorings, friends and volunteers, funding , enforcement, stoppages ,licensing, infrastructure, attracting new boaters. Hopefully following NABOs aim which is to be a critical friend of CRT.

National Inland Navigation Forum (NINF)

NABO is an active member of this informal forum which brings together organisations with navigational interests, with meetings often having invited representatives of waterways authorities.

NINF members include AWCC, BM, CBOA, GOBA, RBOA, IWA, TBA and DBA. Meetings ensure regular dialogue between these organisations and especially those concerned with waterways covered by CRT and the EA.

Over the past year (2018) much discussion has revolved around the possible inclusion of EA's navigational responsibilities into CRT - NABO is one of the few organisations which has expressed concerns about this, feeling that CRT has yet to prove that it can effectively cope with its current responsibilities!

NABO is committed to work together with other waterways representive groups, recognising their expertise in specialist areas, but maintaining our own independence.