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Mike Rodd joins NABO Council


NABO Council have co-opted long standing member Dr Mike Rodd to join its Council at a recent meeting. Best know for his work on the Kennet and Avon Trust Mike Rodd, originally from Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia), has been both the General Manager and the Trustee Chairman (until 2012) of The Trust.

NABO's position on mooring regulations

NABO has today made a Press Release clarifying its position on the whole question of mooring regulations on the waterways managed by the Canal and River Trust. The Trust has recently issued a consultation document that outlines its plans for the South Eastern part of the Waterways and many of their proposals have enraged the boat owning community in general.

NABO Press Release on the Boaters’ Manifesto

At its most recent meeting at the end of November, NABO Council agreed to formally endorse the Key Points in the Boaters Manifesto.  NABO Vice Chair, Simon Robbins said:

“We are pleased to see that an independent group of boaters shares broadly the same concerns as we identified in our formal submission to DEFRA during the Summer, about ensuring that navigation remains a central element in the proposed Canal and River Trust.

Press Release - New Licence Charges

NABO welcomes BW licence fee proposals for 2010/11.


BW has just announced the licence fee increases for this year.