Wednesday, September 19, 2018

EA and others

NABO Responds to EA Navigation Charges Consultation

NABO has responded strongly to the proposal to increase Registrations Charges.

“Whilst we accepted that the above-inflation increases introduced over the past year was acceptable (given that there had not been an increase for some years) we strongly believe that only a direct- inflation-based increase can be introduced across all EA waters. The proposal for continuing the differential figures for the 3 waterways is also not acceptable.

We also suggest that in your Table 2.2 all sources of income should be increased by the same amount and that the boat registration charges should not be expected to carry the load – this is simply wrong and unfair.

We would also like to see how your central costs compare to other similar government agencies.  We are not convinced that your agency is working in the most cost-efficient way when compared to others.”

NABO’s full submission will be available in the next NABO News.

Boaters on EA waterways facing massive increases.

Boaters on waters controlled by the Environment Agency (EA) are facing well above inflation increases in boat registration fees. The EA are consulting their boating customers and other interested and affected parties on proposals for boat registration charges on Environment Agency waterways for 2019 to 2020 and 2020 to 2021. The charging proposals they are ”consulting” on have already been in the course of preparation for 6 months and have already been approved by The EA Board, the Treasury, DEFRA Minister Therese Coffey and Michael Gove, the Secretary of State. The voice of boaters MUST be heard, however.

EA publishes summary of consultation responses to proposed Navigation charges 2018/19

We’d firstly like to thank those who responded to our recent consultation on our proposed charge increase for 2018/19. We had a reasonable number of responses from a good cross section of representatives from the four stakeholder groups.

Many of you gave very detailed and considered responses which we very much value.  We have now reviewed them thoroughly and taken them into account when making our decision on the charges for 2018/19.

RTA Annual Report issued

The River Thames Alliance has recently issued their second annual report. This is important reading for all Thames users.

You can find it here