Advance notice: NABO AGM

Come and join us at the Annual General Meeting.


The NABO AGM is on Saturday 14th November at the Wolverhampton Boat Club, Barnhurst Lane, Bilbrook, Wolverhampton, WV8 1RS (by boat it is on the Shropshire Union Canal, about one mile up from Autherley Junction). We will start at 10.30 am with the AGM formal business, followed by a presentation and discussion. After a light lunch, there will be a meeting of the new Council, to which NABO members are welcome.

This year, why not make a decision to join the dedicated band of discontents (only joking guys and gals!) that represent our increasing membership and stand for election to NABO Council for 2015–2016? The Council meets around seven times per year and the work is rewarding and interesting, giving an in-depth insight into what is really happening on (and to) our waterways. You'll learn what goes on behind the scenes and make some new friends along the way. There are few formalities and you can choose how much or little you are able to contribute - either from the comfort of your home or out and about at meetings. This year, the Council really needs people with social media skills to help with supporting our Facebook and Twitter presence, so if this is you, don’t be shy – let us know. Please complete the nomination form in this issue, photocopy it if you would rather keep your NABO News intact, and then return it to Richard Carpenter, General Secretary, by 9th October. If you don't have anyone to pro­pose and second you, just phone one of the Council members and we can sort that out. Please use the space on the nomination form for necessary declarations or include them on an attached sheet.


Resolutions: Please send the General Secretary any resolutions you wish put before the AGM with the names of proposer and seconder by 2nd October.


Please send nominations and resolutions either by email to gen.sec@ or by post to

Richard Carpenter, PO Box 104, Leyland, PR25 9AN

Richard Carpenter

We are delighted to welcome Paul Howland as a co-opted member of the NABO Council. Paul retired early as a joinery estimator and ISO Auditor, and with his partner,  Jennie, brought a sail-a-way shell and built their new home.

By the time you read this, our Twitter feed @NABO_Official will probably have over 1000 followers. Whether you choose @NABO_Official Twitter or our National Association of Boat Owners Facebook group, it is easy to keep in touch with the hot issues that are important to boaters, without the superfluous interference you find on many groups. So, if you haven't followed us yet, now would be a good time.

And of course, if you want to keep up to date, you really should consider joining NABO. Our bi-monthly NABO News is full of opinions, articles and reports about what boaters really need to know. If you don't already belong to the National Association of Boat Owners, now would be a good time.
"A growing membership needs to be listened to."

NABO Council has approved changes to the terms and conditions that apply to the web site and social media, and ongoing Association membership.

These are absolutely necessary to protect the Association in its representative activities.

Use of the web site and social media imply acceptance, as does renewal of membership.

The revised terms can be read here

The National Association of Boat Owners (NABO) has for many years been concerned over some of the ways in which British Waterways (and latterly the Canal and River Trust – CRT) have interpreted the Acts of Parliament that govern the canal system.

NABO has in the past – and again recently – obtained advice from both Counsel and its own legal advisor on the relevant Acts of Parliament.  We made British Waterways aware of our opinion that it had exceeded its powers – but to little effect.  Earlier this year we brought these concerns to the attention of CRT Chief Executive Officer Richard Parry, and we have subsequently had meetings  with both him and Jackie Lewis (Head of Legal Affairs), in which we shared with them the legal opinions we had received.  Further dialogue is ongoing and, although it is clear that areas of disagreement remain, the discussions continue to be very constructive.

NABO has decided to publish the legal opinion it has obtained as a supplement to this month’s NABO News, together with our comments and CRT’s response. This material is also available on our website at and can be viewed on this link below. 

Link to NABO legal supplement.

NABO believes that with the increasing public discussions regarding enforcement, charges for overstaying, and the introduction of rules such as ‘no return within x days’  it is appropriate that our members and the wider boating public are made aware of the legal position as we understand it. We intend to remain a ‘critical friend’ of CRT, and to be proactive in our dialogue.

Further information on NABO membership can be obtained from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Important note:

The legal supplement provided by NABO contains general information based on English law and, although we try to ensure that the content is accurate and up-to-date, no representation or warranty, express or implied, is made as to its accuracy or completeness and therefore the information and views expressed should not be relied upon. Readers should always seek appropriate legal advice before taking, or refraining from taking, any action. The contents of the supplement should not be construed as legal or other professional advice.

To the extent permitted by law, NABO disclaim liability for any loss (however caused) arising directly or indirectly from reliance on the information in this supplement.