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Now is the time for you to join the dedicated souls that make up NABO Council and stand for election for 2012–2013, so you can have even more say in what we do. The AGM is to be held on Saturday 17 November 2012.

The Council meets around seven times per year and the work is rewarding and interesting … and occasionally frustrating. You'll learn what goes on behind the scenes and make new friends into the bargain. If you feel you might be out of your depth, worry not; one of us will act as your mentor to help you with the few formalities. Don't be shy!

Please complete the nomination form, photocopy it if you would rather keep your NABO News intact, then return it to Richard Carpenter, General Secretary, by 10th October.

If you don't have anyone to pro­pose and second you, don't worry, just phone one of the Council members and we can sort that out for you. Please use the space on the nomination form for necessary declarations, or include an attached sheet.


Please send the General Secretary any resolutions you wish put before the AGM meeting with the names of proposer and seconder by the 1st October.

Nominations must reach us by 10th October 2012

Resolutions for the AGM must reach us by 1st October.

Please send to gen.sec@ or by post to;

RICHARD CARPENTER, Mill House End Farm, Croston, Leyland PR26 9HB




A change of venue for the AGM

Council decided that the AGM should try a vis­it to the West Country (normally it's held in the Midlands). So much in terms of boating issues, mooring permits, Trust (K&A and CRT) activi­ties emanate from the region, quite apart from a good level of membership in the area.

It will be held at the Beef and Barge at the Bradford on Avon Marina. The location is on the Trowbridge Road at Widbrook near Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire, BA15 1UD, Tel 01225 309318. The pub forms part of the marina com­plex. The meeting room is upstairs. By water, the pub is on the edge of the marina near Bridge 170.

The date is Saturday 17 November 2012. The room opens for tea and coffee from 10.15am. The AGM starts at 10.45am and lunch at 1pm.

The AGM will take a format that sees the Association's business dealt with first, normally about an hour, followed by an informal debate on ‘Boating Issues’, the future role of NABO and other organisations in the light of the change to the CRT. Boat owners in the region will receive invitations as our guests as well as key managers and trustees.


In relation to nominations, the NABO Constitution states:-

Only full members are eligible to be nominated for election to, or to be members of, the Council.

Any member seeking election or re-election to the Council who is, or has at any time in the previous 12 months, held any position of influence or authority in any organization which is involved with the inland waterways, or has any personal interest which is likely to affect their dealings with outside bodies on behalf of the Association, shall declare their interest at the time of being nominated for the Council.

Any member seeking election or re-election to the Council who is, or has been at any time in the previous six years, convicted of any criminal offence, or involved in or threatened with litigation, or involved in or threatened with formal insolvency proceedings, or the subject of a formal inquiry, shall declare the full circumstances and current status at the time of being nominated for the Council. NABO News Issue 5 October 2012


Nomination form for the Nabo Council can be downloaded here