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The latest colour edition of NABO News is now available online to NABO members who have registered on the website. Members can log in and then open the pdf file on the Members/NABO News latest edition menu link. That gives NABO members advance access to our flagship publication, even before it drops through the letterbox. If you are not a member, you can peruse the contents here and see what you are missing.


David Fletcher examines your personal data in detail

The GDPR was introduced in May 2018. NABO has to comply (as do all organi­sations that hold ‘personal data’), as we hold information about people for a ‘business or other non-household purpose’. At the June Council meeting, the team took time out to review our current position one year in, to see how far we have got and what more needs to be done. We must regularly review our processing and, where necessary, update our documenta­tion and our privacy information for individuals. We must also review and update our account­ability measures at ‘appropriate’ intervals.

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Negative NABO?

Editor, Peter Fellows, thinks the magazine reflects the views of NABO members,

We were all shocked by news of the sudden death on Boxing Day of Vice-Chair, Paul Howland, and I have included an obituary for him from his friend and colleague, Alison Tuck.

NABO’s advocacy work on behalf of boaters depends entirely on income from membership fees and, although the number of members is holding steady, we can always do more to attract new people. The Council has redesigned our recruitment flyer and I have included a few copies with this issue. Please help if you can, by giving one to any neighbouring boaters who are yet to become members – personal recommendations are one of the most effective recruitment methods.

The NABO AGM will be held at on Sunday 11th November at the Tamworth CC Club, Kettlebrook Wharf, Kettlebrook Rd Tamworth B77 1AG (by boat it is on the Coventry Canal, just up from Fazeley Junction).


We will start at 11 am with the AGM formal business, followed by a presentation and discussion. After a light lunch, there will be a meeting of the new Council, to which NABO members are welcome.


The agenda is here

There will be a special resolution to amend the constitution to change the required notice period for Council nominations (clause 5.4), and additionally for notice of resolution (clause 6.1 a).) The resolution is here.


Please let us know if you are coming so that we can plan the catering. 


We still need your help. The Council meets around seven times per year and the work is rewarding and interesting … and occasionally frustrating. You'll learn what goes on behind the scenes and make new friends into the bargain. If you feel you might be out of your depth, worry not; one of us will act as your mentor to help you with the few formalities. Don't be shy! It is too late for nomination at the AGM now, but dont let that put you off.  We cannot continue to be effective without the new input of active members - like you.