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BSS points boaters to important safety issues highlighted by Windermere’s Easter tragedy

On the eve of Boat Fire Safety Week, the Boat Safety Scheme(BSS) is pointing UK boaters to the safety issues identified today in the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) Safety Bulletin concerning the death of mother and her 10-year old daughter aboard the motor cruiser Arniston on Lake Windermere at Easter.

Windermere boaters die of suspected carbon monoxide fumes

There is tragic news in the national press about the death of two people from suspected CO poisoning on a boat on lake Windermere.

BSS Revised Examination Checking Procedures

The Boat Safety Scheme has recently announced changes to the BSS certificate Examination Checking Procedures for private boats. These will come into effect from 1 Jan 2013.

Your BSS Certificate is changing

After 31 March 2013, boat owners will no longer have the task of sending off the blue copy of their Boat Safety Scheme (BSS) Certificate to the boat’s registration or licensing body as the examination recording process has moved into a central online database system with direct input from BSS examiners.

BSS propose changes to the checking procedures for private boats

The BSS has just completed a periodic review of the Examination Checking Procedures (2005), and boaters have an opportunity to view the proposed changes to these which apply to privately owned and privately managed boats.