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I wanted to update you on the legal challenge that NABO has made to BW. You will have seen the text in the latest NABO News. NABO News is widely distributed including the waterways press,

Each year BW reviews its Long Term Mooring Pricing. Click on this link to read their Manager's briefing for the April 2006 revisions.

This file is in pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader or similar to read it.

The following links offer reports and information relating to the creation of the British Waterways Advisory Forum (2005).


The list is still incomplete but contents and main provisions are described when known (the title recorded below is descriptive and not necessarily the official title of the statute; the Act may in some cases have no relevance to waterways, or may have been repealed). NABO would be pleased to receive details and/or copies of Acts of Parliament relating to inland waterways. It should be noted that the Common Law may confer rights of navigation on certain rivers.

Click on this link to view BW's Bye-Laws 1965 to 1976, as shown on the British Waterways website.

The file is in pdf format so you will need Adobe Reader or similar on your computer or installed in your Browser to read it.