Saturday, June 23, 2018

BW (prior to mid 2012)

BW Local Moorings Strategies

The aim of this British Waterways consultation is to invite feedback on the mechanics of how BW should develop local mooring strategies. These are proposed as a means of ensuring that, as boating use of the waterways increases, scarce space along the line of the canal is shared fairly between waterway users and general amenity protected for all to enjoy.

BW Moorings Consultation

The aims of this British Waterways consultation are to:

  • improve understanding of the complex issues associated with management of moorings on BW’s 2,000 mile historic waterway network in England and Wales
  • invite feedback on new policy proposals which we have developed with help from national boating organisations.

Waterway Reports Forum

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I have put the Waterway Reports Forum into the Maintenance Mode for the foreseeable future in the hope of securing it against SPAM postings which get forwarded by email to subscribing members.