Commercial Waterways Guidance

NABO, in partnership with The Boating Association and the Commercial Boat Operators Association, has had a commitment from BW to make the NABO guidance leaflets for the River Trent and the Aire & Calder Navigation available for free at relevant locks and BW Offices.

If you have difficulty finding them please contact 01636 704481 in the East Midlands (all the Trent except Keadby) or 0113 281 6860 in Yorkshire.


Boaters intending to use these navigations are strongly recommended to collect a copy before they set out on these waters, and, in the case of the Trent, to obtain a copy of the TBA's Sisson's Charts.

If you want the maximum time to prepare, PDF versions are also available online from

No need to fear the unknown - get genned up!

Happy cruising.

Stuart Sampson