Winter moorings

CRT’s winter moorings will be available from 1st November to 16th March 2018, finishing ahead of the Easter holidays.  Boaters will be able to book the sites in increments of one month, or two weeks in March 2018. The moorings are divided into four price bands according to each site’s location and facilities, with most mooring prices held at 2016/17 levels. Some popular sites have increased in price and less popular sites have had a price cut in response to the high or low levels of demand last year. The highest price band has increased by 50p per metre per month to £15.50 (a 3.5% rise). Facilities have been improved at a couple of sites and this is also reflected in the pricing. Boaters have been able to view sites on the CRT website since September and will be able to make a booking from 6 am on 2nd October through the CRT boat licensing site at A list of the sites and prices can be found at and further information is available from CRT Customer Services on 0303 0404040 or by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..