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NABO’s new Assistant for the Disabled

Ken Hylins writes: “I have lived on a narrowboat some five years as a continual cruiser ... five minutes as some would say. Then two years ago my partner became very ill and was in hospital for a total of three months, which, when living on a narrowboat, is a major issue. The end result was she lost a great deal of mobility and I would have to be her carer. The occupational health people wanted us to come off the boat and live on land, not easy when we both wanted to carry on with our lifestyle. That then needed a rethink: planning medical appointments; not moving the boat long distances, also being single-handed; safety aspects; and working with CRT

with regards to my partner’s disability. There were many other tasks that were simple before, but not now. Time also became a problem: with not enough hours in a day, we had to prioritise tasks. I was asked: ‘How do you see the role of Assistant for the Disabled developing?’ In all honesty, I do not know, but I can help or advise on each enquiry according to its merits.”