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As reported in the July issue of NABO News, NABO petitioned to ensure that boaters’ services would be maintained on the Middle Level and that this should be written into the Act. The Middle Level Bill went through the House of Lords’ Parliamentary process and their amendments were considered and agreed by the House of Commons on 16th October. The Bill received Royal Assent and was enacted on 1st November. In response to NABO’s petition, the Middle Level Commissioners wrote to the Lords, undertaking “to spend at least 25% of the annual income received from charges ... on providing facilities on the Nene-Ouse Navigation Link, which meet the current Minimum Standards for the Provision of Facilities for Boaters as published by the Inland Waterways Association ...”.

Boaters on the Middle Level will now have to pay a licence fee, have a BSS certificate and be insured. Details of the Act are available at


New Open Canal Map

A free UK canal and river map has been launched for Desktop, Android and iPhone/iPad, created using users’ contributions and CRT’s Map Open Data. You can add information to the maps by typing in a place name and dragging a red marker to the exact location you want. Then add the information about the place (e.g. toilet, laundrette, recycling, chandlery, mooring with rings, electric hook up etc.) or navigation advice (e.g. CRT key required to operate bridge). Then submit your data and, after it has been processed, you will be able to view it on the map. After 18 days of its release, the map had 10,000 views and over 200 markers placed on it by 136 users. (