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Bridgewater bookings

Following an agreement with the Bridgewater Canal Company, CRT-licensed boaters wishing to access the Bridgewater Canal, must now pre-book the visit using the on-line booking system (, after you have set up a customer account, or by phone on 0303 0404040. Outbound passage, free of charge, is limited to a maximum of seven continuous days and return passage is up to a maximum of three continuous days free of charge. If you do not book the return journey when you book the outbound journey, you should log into your online account and tick the ‘three extra days’ box on the date of your return journey. The outbound and return journeys must be made within a continuous 28-day period, which starts on the first day of the outbound journey. You cannot return to the Bridgewater within 28 days, unless you buy a short-term Bridgewater licence from (between £20 for three days to £160 for 28 days).

Meeting of All Party Parliamentary Group for the Waterways: May 2020

A meeting of the APPWG was held on Thursday 14th May using the Zoom videoconferencing facility. NABO attended as observers – the norm for such meetings.

This well “attended”   meeting was chaired by the APPWG’ s Chairman, Michael Fabricant, and very appropriately focused on the need for dedicated financial support for waterways businesses.