Listening to boat owners, Speaking out for boat owners, Representing boat owners.

NABO is primarily a representative body. We do not hold social event or organise volunteer activities.

We are not a charity or limited company. We are beholden to nobody except our subscribing members.

We operate with a management Council to conduct the business and activities of the Association. Council and other officers are entirely voluntary being elected at the AGM which is held each November, with venues usually in the Midlands.

Our principal means of communication with our membership is our magazine ‘NABO News’ which is published 6 times per year. Each edition is published shortly after each Council meeting at approximately eight-weekly intervals so that news and information is timely and relevant. For those who cannot access snail mail, it can be downloaded from the web site. We also send out a short email bulletin monthly, to let members know what is happening day to day, and ask for views. We maintain a web site and items of interest and reference are available, and there are links to our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

The Council normally meets at 8 week intervals, in boat clubs in central locations around the country, and all Association members are welcome to attend, and get involved if you wish. The date and locations are published in NABO News and on the web site. There are no regional meetings or committees but as far as possible each area of the country has a representative, and you may wish to identify the local member in your area and make contact. Local issues are always important and your regional representative may be able to help.

As NABO is a representative body and we do ask that members write, phone, or e-mail to Council members with any problems or views, and we always welcome items for NABO News.