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Council considers a wide range of issue in meetings and by discussions that take place all the time. These are the current main items.

* Raising the profile of Boating and navigation as the core objects of CRT’s charitable objectives to prevent the apparent ongoing marginalisation of boat owners  in favour of other canal users.
* Monitoring and Challenging CRTs proposals to taking over navigation and maintenance responsibilities from the Environment Agency
* Monitoring the practical effects of CRTs strategic changes resulting in a reduction of the number of regions and waterways managers.
* Contributing to and ongoing monitoring of CRTs review of licensing
* Close monitoring of changes to Mooring provision and the introduction of further charges
* Support the reversal of the recent reduction of 24 hour towpath facilities (refuse, water, sanitation)
* Ongoing monitoring of CRT's rejection of some of NABO's objections to recently introduced private boater's licence Terms and conditions.
* Constant review of the creeping outsourcing of enforcement to third parties
* Ongoing proactive support to Navigation Advisory Groups and BSS Committees
* Monitoring the continued selling by CRT of historic buildings