Listening to boat owners, Speaking out for boat owners, Representing boat owners.

Your Council holds regular meetings and interim discussions on policy matters and issues raised by members.

These are some of the regular themes

  • Regular pro active engagement with CRT senior management both at head office and in the regions.
  • Challenging and reminding CRT that Navigation and the preservation of the canal heritage and infrastructure  needs to be at the forefront of CRT’s activities in keeping with its charitable objectives.
  • Reminding CRT of its legal obligations under the relevant Acts.  Specifically when it seeks to overule existing legislation with its proposed changes to its Terms and Conditions.
  • Support the recent reversal of 24 hour towpath facilities (water, refuse and sanitation).
  • Ongoing pro active support to Navigation Advisory Groups and Boat Safety Committees.
  • Monitoring the enforcement and mooring policies of both the EA and CRT, specifically the creeping outsourcing of enforcement to third parties.
  • Monitoring and contributing to any proposals that CRT takes over navigation and maintenance responsibilities from the EA.
  • Review and proactively engage with proposals to make all aspects of boating more environmentally friendly.