Some of NABO's work on behalf of boaters!

Much of what we achieve goes unseen by the waterways community, even boaters and our own membership, because it goes on behind the scenes. It is often not about winning or loosing but about maintaining a long term relationship with navigation autorities and refreshing the knowledge of what is going on. It is from this strength that we can campaign and respond to individual events or wider consultations.

However, there are certain areas in which we have been instrumental in affecting the waterways world.

If you scan the website you will see some of these achievements. In this section we list some of the successes since our inception.

NABO was formed at the time that this Act of Parlament was being debated and drafted. NABO members took part in many of consultations. This Act affects all boaters on waterways controlled by CRT (previously BW), and one part of the Act governs the right of boaters to continously cruise. NABO secured 28 amendments to the Act and concessions on the way it would be applied before it was passed. These brought in valuable safeguards for boaters.

BW's undertakings can be read here

You can read the 1995 British Waterways act here

NABO continues to monitor the interpretation of the Act and the cases that CRT bring to Court.

The most recent challenge is to reject CRT requirment for boats with a home mooring to 'bona fide cruise' when away from their moorings.