Friday, June 22, 2018


BW Response to WCS

Caroline Killeavey, Head of BW Customer Relations, wrote:

“The NABO Condition Survey provides good information and our Waterway Managers will use the data as they plan for next years works. The key benefit of customer feedback like this is that it helps us prioritise the works we do in line with customer needs.

OA Waterways Condition Survey

Two surveys initiated by the National Association of Boaters (NABO) have concluded that boaters are generally inclined to be positive about the state of inland waterways managed by Agencies other than British Waterways (BW), but feel negative about the canals and rivers run by BW.

Cost of Boating Survey 2009

A big thank you to those of you who completed our Cost of Boating Survey 2009. Clearly not everyone keeps records of how much running a boat costs, or wants to know how true “Bring On Another Thousand” is! Those costs were the “must haves”, so we ended up with 44 very useful sets of data,