New boater surveys


CRT’s annual Boaters’ Survey has been shortened and renamed the ‘Perceptions of the Trust’ survey, which was sent out to a third of the Trust’s leisure boat licence holders at the start of April. It has also introduced a monthly ‘Waterway Experience’ survey of boaters to gather up-to-date feedback on the waterways they cruise. The aim is to ‘get a much clearer picture of what’s affecting boaters as it happens and react quickly to improve boaters’ experience.’ Jon Horsfall said: “Boaters are the eyes and ears of the waterways and are often the first to come across any problems. It will enable us to be more responsive and target our maintenance and repair work on the areas that really need it throughout the year.” The survey will be sent to a sample of boaters sighted on each waterway region every month. Volunteer lock-keepers will also give hire-boaters postcards with survey details at various key sites.