Loss of facilities

The boaters’ facilities at Newbold on Avon on the North Oxford canal have closed and all ex-BWML marinas have now stopped offering free facilities to passing boaters. A statement from BWML Sawley Marina read: ‘Since BWML’s affiliation with The Trust is no longer, we aren’t obliged to provide facilities to passing boaters. However, we will be introducing a charge for cassette emptying, allowing passing boaters to still make use of facilities but at a cost of £2 per cassette. Please also be aware that our pump-out charge will be increased to £20 instead of £15. These charges will come into effect from 1st February 2019.’ NABO would like all members to report details of where you find facilities have disappeared. NABO supports the IWA stance on having a minimum distance between free facilities and would like to build a nationwide picture of the areas that are facilities deserts.