NABO comments  on the recent legal action between NBTA and CRT

We ask has this muddied the waters further or has CRT succeeded in getting formal legal support for their ‘guidance for boaters without a home mooring’ ?

The extreme weather that we’ve all been subject to this year has had a severe impact across our historic network of canals and rivers. CRT’s teams are battling to protect our waterways from damage. However, they urgently need our support to permanent damage to any of our precious canals and river navigations.

NABO’s Council has agreed to immediately contribute £250 to this appeal and urges all our members to contribute whatever they can.


NABO has responded to the CRT Consultation paper - REVIEW OF ELECTIONS TO COUNCIL, published 19 November 2013, see:

The CRT Council was formed 18 months ago ahead of the launch of the Canal & River Trust and has an important role in helping to shape policy, raise and debate issues, provide guidance and perspective, and act as a sounding board for Trustees. The Council also has the responsibility of appointing and, if necessary, dismissing Trustees.

NABO’s responses relate to the Boater elections only.

NABO has made a brief response to the HS2 Phase Two proposed line of route consultation. This consultation seeks views on the proposed high speed rail route from the West Midlands to Manchester, Leeds and beyond, as well as on the sustainability impacts of the proposed line of route.

The consultation closes on Friday 31st January 2014. You can see the documents and response personally at this link

NABO responds to the Canal and River Trust consultation report on a proposed “Towpath Mooring Plan” for The Kennet & Avon Canal

Brief History

In 2012, at the request of the Canal and River Trust (CRT), the K&A Waterways Partnership nominated a mooring sub-group to come up with workable ways of addressing the CRT aims for moorings on the Kennet & Avon canal (K&A). The sub-group built on the extensive work of a previous, but abandoned, group of users representatives which had been set up by BW to address this issue. The new Partnership sub-group submitted their report in November 2012. After reviewing this, CRT asked the group to further consider specific objectives.

In May 2013 the Partnership presented their report to the Navigation Advisory Group (NAG) and CRT and it was decided that the group’s proposals should be put out to public consultation. Invitations to take part in the consultation were sent to all boats sighted on the K&A between August 2012 and July 2013, all boats with a home mooring on the K&A, and key stakeholders and organisations with an interest in the K&A.