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BW's Isis Lock Consultation

BW posted 2 consultations on its website about the boom and lock landing at Isis Lock, where the Oxford Canal meets the River Thames. After consulting with members, we have sent this response:

"Because the boom and lock landing pontoon installations are inextricably linked, we are sending the same reply to both consultations, as we believe they should be just one consultation. We have also referred to the automated red light warning system and Duke's Cut signs.

NABO responds to second NWC consultation

NABO has responded to DEFRA's second consultation on the NWC.

NABO responds to the DEFRA consultation on NWC

Our response has now been completed to the consultation on "A New Era for the Waterways".

Draft of the response to DEFRA's consultation

Council are busy putting the final touches to the response to DEFRA. This is one of the most important consultations for many years, and we have to get it right.

NABO responds to RED consulation

NABO has recently responded to the Department for Transport consultation on the Renewable Energy Directive.