NABO supports CRT’s national canal flood appeal

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The extreme weather that we’ve all been subject to this year has had a severe impact across our historic network of canals and rivers. CRT’s teams are battling to protect our waterways from damage. However, they urgently need our support to permanent damage to any of our precious canals and river navigations.

NABO’s Council has agreed to immediately contribute £250 to this appeal and urges all our members to contribute whatever they can.


Some of the major challenges that CRT is facing right now are:

The full extent of the damage cannot yet be assessed. However, when waters recede CRT expect to see major damage to towpaths, locks and other canal heritage structures and features, which will affect millions of people and cost millions to repair.

CRT’s maintenance teams are currently working around the clock, clearing fallen trees and debris, keeping water moving away from the worst affected areas carrying out repairs wherever possible. CRT resources have never been more stretched and the situation continues to deteriorate day by day.

CRT  are appealing for your help now to enable them to respond to this unprecedented crisis. Your support will help them fund the immediate and longer-term repairs that will be necessary to bring our towpaths and waterways back into use as quickly as possible. Every penny you give will be spent directly and entirely on repairing and protecting flood-affected waterways.