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K&A and Wales

From Mike Rodd

I met Jon Horsfall, the interim CRT Director in Wales & South West, on 2nd October in Gloucester. Jon was appointed to take over from Richard Thomas, who left suddenly in July. The meeting proved to be a most useful, frank exchange of views and resulted in an agreement to continue to meet on a regular basis. This is especially important as Jon develops suggestions on how best to bring the various boater organisations back closer to CRT. It was also agreed that I would take Jon on my boat on the Mon & Brec and also on the K&A Canal Trust’s trip boat, The Rose of Hungerford.  

Sadly, though, the Mon & Brec’s Boaters Liaison meeting scheduled for 6th November was cancelled, largely due to the retirement of Kevin Phillips, CRT’s most valued Customer Operations Supervisor for Wales & South West. This was deeply regretted by those involved on the Mon & Brec, as it was felt that these meetings were the best working example ever of how CRT can work with its users.

Mark Evans has been appointed as Director for Wales & South West, taking up the role in January 2020. Mark is currently head of Waterside Moorings, CRT’s directly managed moorings business and interim head of museums at Gloucester and Ellesmere Port. He joined CRT over four years ago as waterway manager for the K&A.  

Yorkshire & NE Local Waterway Forum on 23rd October

Howard Anguish attended the Yorkshire & NE Local Waterway Forum on 23rd October, held at Fearns Wharf, Leeds.


National Issues:

The introduction was given by Regional Director, Sean McGinley, who talked us through the Regional Structure Update, which included a map showing boundaries, together with an organogram showing role allocations within the region. Two of the seven managerial posts, Licence Support and the Regional Towpath Fundraising Co-ordinator, show a shared function with the NW.

A short section on boater reports drew attention to boater income and expenditure, which has previously been demonstrated using various pie charts and histograms at the CRT AGM, which I am sure most boaters are familiar with. Sean also pointed out that the Visitor Centre and general attraction of Standedge Tunnel was losing money and that this may be somewhere which requires a rethink to make it more attractive.